Footprints of time

Bucklige Welt- Thermengemeinden showcases the diversity of the region

Bucklige Welt showcases the diversity of the region at the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2019 in the category "Intriguing history of a country“. This is an excellent opportunity to indulge in the natural spoils of the area and to get to know the multifaceted terrain. It is also important toexplore the tale(s) of the historical evolution in this land of a thousand hills.

The exciting region of Bucklige Welt – a spa town with thermal springs, pays great attention to the distinctive historical events and their tale(s) within their area. Here, you have the unique opportunity to choose from four di_ erent journeys through the Heart of History in the land of a thousand hills.


Pewter figure world IN KATZELSDORF

„Miniature _ gurines of a colossal world“.


Bourbon dynasty - themed trail IN LANZENKIRCHEN

„Following in the footsteps of the Count of Chambord.“


Hacker House


„Without Jews.“


PIZ1000 - Pittener Regional Museum

“Footprints of time in the land of a thousand hills.“


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